Nadiya Savchenko: “I’m still hoping to see justice from the Russian courts” (LETTER) #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, via Mark Feygin and Nikolay Polozov (lawyer)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

“To Ukrainians,
and the good people of the world.

I have one hope left that the court [of law] in Russia might still be honest and fair, although it hasn’t demonstrated this once yet. But nonetheless, I have hope that at my trial, which is still being delayed and should take place next week, [the court] will finally react to my alibi, presented by my lawyers to the SK RF [Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation], and will close the case against me; or will at least replace my imprisonment to another measure of restrains. Which would be entirely fair! I have already spent 9 months in prison for nothing!

[In order] to make it to this trial and to be present at it, I am not allowing myself to die!

Hunger means not only having nothing to eat, but also not having enough food. I am not coming out of the hunger strike. Because coming out of starvation is a planned, gradual return to normal nourishment. I will not do this in Russia, not until there is fairness – like I said before! But, for each visit to the court, I have to bargain with doctors who, naturally, only wish good on me and less problems on themselves! 😉

That’s why I now am supporting my body with the Nutrison chemical, and with food taken once per day or every other day. Today I ate: sweet cottage cheese – 100 grams, butter – 20 grams, sugar – 30 grams, cheese bake – 50 grams. The day before yesterday: boiled eggs – 2 pieces, milk – 1 liter, bread – 100 grams, sugar – 30 grams. And so I live! 😉 I weigh 53 kilos [almost 117 lbs).

Today, my mother and sister came to visit me. My mother was no longer asking me to stop my hunger strike, she just asked me not to die … she asked me to live!

I will live! And I will fight! For as long as my life lasts!!!

Ukraine will win!
Glory to Ukraine!

Nadiya Savchenko”

Source: Mark Feygin, Nikolay Polozov

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