About the Ukrainian authorities’ response to Ukrainian blogger Kotsaba

By Anna-Lisa Ryaboshapka
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Ahem… My friends it seems that as well as the threat of a third world war we have a few other unpleasantries.

I am talking about the wild, callous story of Ruslan Kotsaba.

Everything about this matter is completely disgusting.

Starting with Kotsaba’s actual statement. This a case where not discussing it (which in general I like) is desired, but beating someone up banally (this, I totally dislike).

But. In this case (of those charges that are known for now), Kotsaba has done NOTHING was criminally violated, to put it in block print. As far as we know he did not trade arms, did not send insurgents a humanitarian convoy with love, and did not even allow them through the border, waving a white envelope with a green packet. Right?

He voiced his vatnik [Russian nationalistic], and absolutely unacceptable for me, position. He made some video. That’s all? That’s all.

You don’t put someone on trial in PEACETIME for making a video. Even if that video is vile. It isn’t treason.

In a free country (yes?) they do not create a Ministry of Information, but if they should suddenly create one, it’s a chance for them to do some work. So take a a moment to escape from the service of His High Importance and work on the homeland.

Make dozens of films for each one that Kotsaba makes. For each piece of information-stuffing, answer with dozens of reasoned articles, notes and interviews. Then we would be told ‘well done,’ and they would be called ‘scoundrels.’ It would be self-evident.

But, no. They selected the most disastrous, stupid and senseless way of shutting the vatnik [Russian nationalist] up. To try him! Don’t allow it!

I would not even have heard of this Kotsaba if our precious authorities had not set up this stupid exhibitionist punishment. You sentence him so that afterwards a smart advertising campaign can make of this little-known character a “martyr for the idea.” Khuylo and the Drudge Horse have embraced and are already applauding.

And a couple of cherries on the cake, a pair of obvious questions:

  1. Will they try me if I should (suddenly) write that I do not agree with the policy of His High Importance? And how long will they give me? Note, I am not even asking, on what basis. Well, I am just curious about what to get ready for: how many crackers to lay out as a result of my disloyalty.
  2. Is it hard for the Highly Respected SBU to see the persons who are actually financing the war and separatism? Of course I could point out a couple of dozen names but I am frightened that they will accuse me of “high treason” for giving their names.

I repeat. This matter is completely disgusting. It is particularly disgusting to see it becoming a trend. The method of the authorities continuing to claim that they are the result of the Revolution of Dignity.

Source: Anna-Lisa Ryaboshapka FB

Halya Coynash, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group: Ukrainian blogger to remain in detention on dubious ‘treason’ charges

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