Sergey Kosyak: Just a few personal thoughts…

By Sergey Kosyak, Ukrainian priest and volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Just a few personal thoughts about what has been going on:

  1. Ukraine is involved in a geopolitical conflict as a bargaining chip between the real monster-states.
  1. Russia is using all its hardware and manpower on the battlefield. It is throwing enough manpower and equipment into Ukraine, not to secure a victory, but to produce chaos, destabilization, destruction, and death. It also gets the bonus added of winning influence in Europe and showing its teeth to America.
  1. The local governing elite of Ukraine are so mired in political intrigue and behind-the-scenes games that they are not able to find a proper solution to the conflict in the country. Now they are most of all concerned about their own assets rather than the integrity of the country.
  1. The Kremlin does not want a stable Ukraine; they have Crimea and a separate Donbas, so we will have a long war.
  1. In reality, nothing good awaists Ukraine, except for one “BUT.” God has His plan for our country, from this, He encourages thousands of people to see Ukraine as a victorious country. God is re-growing a new nation of freedom-loving people with lofty spirits, so as to build – from these people – a new Ukraine.
  1. At some point, Putin with his tanks, Grads and mercenaries will get confused and lose his way. He will be buried beneath the ruins of his own lies and deceit, just as the Pharaoh’s troops were drowned under the waters of the Red Sea. God will judge those who should have guaranteed the constitution and served the people, but who were in fact thieves and robbers. Only God can save Ukraine, we believe and hope in Him.
  1. Do good, it is possible.

Source: Sergey Kosyak FB

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1 Response to Sergey Kosyak: Just a few personal thoughts…

  1. Words of truth, and of hope in the midst of darkness. As Sergey Kosyak says, ‘At some point, Putin with his tanks, Grads and mercenaries will get confused and lose his way.’ It has happened to them all, from Napoleon to Hitler.
    All best wishes

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