Russians in PACE support release of Savchenko, bargaining continues #FreeSavchenko

1.26.2015 – 16:45
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

At the meeting of the relevant committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Russian delegation has officially stated that it supports the decision to release Nadiya Savchenko, who was illegally captured on the territory of Ukraine.

PACE representatives who participated in the meeting reported this to European Pravda [news].

This means that the Russian delegation is backing down from the position it still advocated on Monday afternoon, and is preparing to yield to the demands of PACE.

The Committee on Migration and Refugees was considering a draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. During the committee meeting, the amendment by Rapporteur Jim Sheridan on the urgent need to release Nadiya Savchenko, “illegally detained on the territory of Ukraine,” was put to a vote.

“Senator Igor Morozov from the Russian delegation stood up and said that the Russian delegation fully supports the amendment and votes for it. This is a fundamental change to Russia’s position compared to a few hours ago,” – said a source of European Pravda, who was present at the meeting.

Sources for European Pravda within the Russian delegation confirmed this change in position.

For details of the agreement and the hazards that may be associated with it, read the article in European Pravda to be published on Monday night (1.26.15).


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