Resident report from Mariupol: No panic in the city. #FreeSavchenko

‪Vasissualiy Nechiporenko, Mariupol resident
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The ENTIRE “Vostochnyi” neighborhood [of Mariupol] has been shelled. “Grad” shells landed into the yards of [residential] nine-story [apartment] buildings, striking almost all residential floors [in the process]. The Eastern walls of the buildings are damaged. Take a map and see for yourself from where the strikes came. [Ed. Note: According to the Azov Battalion, they came from Novoazovsk.]

Detached single-family homes got hit as well.

Early morning. The merchants were laying their goods out on the shelves, waiting for their first customers. Their wait is over. Among the dead are a loader and a young salesclerk.

[I] saw six bodies, stopped shooting after the third, I was not feeling well. [People say] that ten [people] were killed in the streets. In addition, there are also dead and wounded in the high-rises. [Ed. Note: Radio Svoboda reports there are 20 dead and over 80 people wounded.]

The rotten city government is now in a meeting at the Ordzhonikidze Executive Committee, working on another prickly statement. [I] don’t see a single representative of the city executive at the scene. Many ambulances, [officials from] the MES [Ministry for Emergency Situations], a semblance of HQ has been formed (there are photos). Police and firefighters are at work. Business as usual, no fuss. Don’t think that [we are] in panic and everyone is on the run. Next to the covered corpse is a line [to buy] bread at a half-destroyed store.

Source: ‪Vasissualiy Nechiporenko FB
Source: Azov Battalion FB 

[Ed. Note: According to Euromaydan initiative, [Stepan] Poltorak [Defense Minister of Ukraine ] announced at a meeting [today] that [Ukrainian troops] were able to destroy four of the six “Grads” that shelled Mariupol.]


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1 Response to Resident report from Mariupol: No panic in the city. #FreeSavchenko

  1. Marcela says:

    Why does West fight Ukraine as well as Russia?
    Why you idiot leaders do not help Ukraine instead of helping Russia?
    Why do you give LOANS to Ukraine to repair south-east and to pay next 200 years these loans, while you advice Ukraine to give up this Sout-East to terrorists?!!!!!! When these terrorists are turning South-East Ukraine in dust and blood.

    When you chase 2 persons with kalashnikov you call them terrorists and when Russia speaking 9000 soldiers use missiles, tanks, grads etc. you call them rebels.

    We all should learn from Ukraine brave people How to kick off these useless politicians with immunity+no morality!!

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