Putin’s Ideal Russian World – #FreeSavchenko

By Dmitry Wojciech, Deputy, Irpin City Council, Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The Armenian drama is a microcosm of Russian politics. Sadly, in spite of doctors’ efforts, the last participant in this cruel tragedy died today, a six month old baby. This was literally days after Armenia became a member of the Eurasian Union, in spite of mass protests. Armenia has just allowed Russian military bases to be deployed on its territory. In essence this is the sort of relationship that Russia is trying to force on Ukraine. And this is the result, a Russian deserter, who turned out to be a maniac, massacred a whole Armenian family and the possibility of handing him over to the Armenian authorities is not even being discussed. There is no guarantee that the affair will not be quietly buried. Instead of supporting their own people, and demanding a judicial investigation into the military unit and an open trial of the suspect, the Armenian Authorities have made excuses for the mass protest, saying that the Russians should not think we have anything against them and that silly things like this happen. They are already totally dependent on the Kremlin. That is what Putin’s ideal Russian world looks like.

Source: Dmitry Wojciech FB

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