Yuri Butusov: Respect to the Presidential Administration in Ukraine

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.05.26 PMYuriy Butusov, journalist, Contributing Editor at Censor.NET
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

[There was] one thing that I was very impressed with at the Presidential Administration, where the Competition Commission meeting regarding the National Anti-Corruption Bureau took place. The walls on every floor, in every hallway, are decorated with beautiful photographs of the Ukrainian revolution. Honor and respect to those who did it. [You] get a very cool feeling when you walk down the hall, and spend all that time walking and thinking about the price that the people [of Ukraine] paid to change the government and the state, to change history and national destiny. These photos have greatly dignified and humanized the building of the Presidential Administration.

Tomorrow, I’ll attend another meeting here – I will take more pictures of the most interesting photos. It is a shame that people don’t see this – it would be a great exhibition. When we build a modern European power, and when we have sufficient funds, we will relocate all of the [Ukrainian] authorities somewhere to the outskirts of the left bank [of Kyiv] to a modest office center, and then the Presidential Administration will be turned into a museum of modern Ukrainian history and [become] a working place for community organizations. And in this way, these photos and many more would become a permanent exhibition, where school children could go and have their classes.

Source: Yuriy Butusov FB 

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