The sleep of reason in Russian propaganda: 5 examples of lies about Ukraine

By Peter Shuklinov,
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Russian funds for mass disinformation continue to float the public a flood of lies about Ukraine. What seems ridiculous to a normal person provokes hatred against Ukraine in a significant number of Russians. It should seem – that after the crucifixion of a boy, and removing people from trains and sending them to the National Guard – that it would be difficult to come up with something more delusional. But for followers of Kiselev, nothing is impossible.

A National Guard tank fell into Yatsenyuk’s ditch

Ukrainian tanks land in the 'anti-Russian moat', laugh bloggers. Photo:

Ukrainian tanks land in the ‘anti-Russian moat’, laugh bloggers. Photo:

Russian TV channel NTV described how a Ukrainian National Guard tank fell into a ditch on the border with Russia, which had been allegedly dug as a part of the government project “The Wall” to prevent the infiltration of Russian troops into Ukraine.

The Truth: It really is a tank. All the rest that the NTV propagandists say about it – is a lie. In the photo, it is not a National Guard tank, but a tank of the 28th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And it hasn’t fallen into a ditch on the border, but has gone down into a ditch near the settlement of Pisky (near the Donetsk airport). This ditch cannot have any connection with the “The Wall” project, because [from here] there are hundreds of kilometers to the Russian border. And if somebody finds the mere fact of Ukrainian equipment landing in ditches to be funny, we suggest you watch this video. [Russian “Tiger” vehicle, analogue of the “Hammer” cannot drive over a curb].

The author of the photo of the Ukrainian tank is Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala [Inter TV channel]. Here is what he wrote, having seen the report of the Russian propagandists:

Roman Bochkala: “NTV — you are shameless and miserable liars. I cannot call you colleagues. Do you have any conscience? How can you lie so vulgarly… Although to whom am I appealing?

I took a photo of our tank, which has gone [driven] down into a ditch. It happened near Pisky in the area of the Donetsk airport. But NTV says that, “according to media reports,” it is “entirely possible” this incident took place on the border with Russia. The ditch was supposedly dug as part of the “Wall” project. We have ourselves allegedly fallen in a pit which [was] dug for others. Ukrainians have allegedly outsmarted themselves…

And one more thing, gentlemen propagandists, this tank has nothing to do with the National Guard, whom you demonize. This is the 28th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Witnesses to that are Oleksandr Klymenko, Vladimir Dedov and Yuliia Tolmacheva.”

The National Guard, with syringes, turned a boy into a target

After the Russian propagandists’ fake about the crucified boy in Slovyansk, it would seem that the Kremlin would leave the subject of children alone for a while. But NTV and LifeNews TV channels have decided that in military propaganda, there can be no “taboos,” and they have shown a story about a boy, whom “the National Guard servicemen, with syringes, have turned into a target for missiles.”

The Truth: the boy, Stas, ran away from home in Krasnyi Lyman on October 12. Ever since, his parents have been looking for him. The search for him is [in the area of] the Krasnoarmiisk Municipal Department of the Main Directorate of the MIA of Ukraine, in the Donetsk region.

“The boy left his house and still has not returned. Features: 12-13 years, height 140 cm, thin, has oval face, blue eyes, light hair of average length. The child was wearing a dark red sweater, sports trousers, sneakers. Stanislav has “mild mental retardation. Inclined to vagrancy,” stated the Krasnoarmiisk Municipal Department of the Main Directorate of the MIA.

By the way, in the report of one Russian channel, the boy shows puncture marks on one arm, but in the report of another channel — the puncture marks are on the other arm. What National Guard missiles have got to do with it is not clear – not to mention that the National Guard has no missile weapons.

Land and slaves for National Guard soldiers

For their participation in a war against Russia in Donbas, every Ukrainian soldier of the National Guard will get a parcel of land and two slaves. A story about it without any proof was shown by Russian Channel One.

The Truth: The man who tells the story about slaves is a certain Viktor Bykodorov, who is titled to be the head of the village community of Stepanivka. But the fact is that the real head of the village community is Volodymyr Konovalov. It may be concluded that Viktor Bykodorov is a self-proclaimed head of the village council. That explains a lot. The Russian channel does not put the story, which obviously raises many questions, under any doubt, but rather, continues to build a story on this fiction, presenting “slaves and land” as a fait accompli.

In social media, the story about slaves and the drugged-up boy has caused a storm of emotions and jokes. Some people started to wonder where exactly they could get and officially register themselves some slaves; others wondered why the boy could not just have been crucified the old way. You may laugh at it, but Russians can believe all this. And they do believe it.

400 missing women

This information was posted by Russian Interfax, RIA Novosti, Russia Today and other propaganda resources. They reported that in the town of Krasnoarmiisk, in the Donetsk region during the ATO, almost 400 women aged 18 to 25 years have gone missing, and recently 286 women’s bodies with gunshot wounds were supposedly found.

The Truth: All posts of this kind were posted with reference to the insurgent leader of the “DNR,” Aleksander Zakharchenko, who is wanted for numerous crimes. But that is not the issue. Zakharchenko himself later denied the disseminated information: “I didn’t say that.” The terrorist explained that he had just received about 300-400 allegations of the disappearance of young girls and women. We could have put this matter to rest if journalists hadn’t found the video in which the terrorist, nonetheless, is speaking about hundreds of dead bodies. In this case, where are these hundreds of bodies? Zakharchenko has lied twice: when he made a statement about the bodies, and later when he denied his own statement. But the truth doesn’t matter — Russian propaganda has done its job.

OSCE monitored the terrorists’ elections

One of the first who hastened to report about it were propagandists from RIA Novosti.  The information about “OSCE observers” was then reprinted by almost all Russian resources and TV channels. The key message, they say, is that the West consider the terrorists’ elections of the “DNR” and “LNR” [“Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics”] to be legitimate.

The Truth: The OSCE has officially denied this fiction of the Russian propagandists. “There is no monitoring by the OSCE of the so-called ‘elections’ in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, November 2. And there is no monitoring at the polling stations,” – said the OSCE Secretary General, Lamberto Zannier.


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