Donbas guerillas mined a checkpoint on the border with Russia (PHOTOS)

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Checkpoint on the border with Russia

Checkpoint on the border with Russia

Donbas partisans reported about their visit to one of the border control checkpoints with highly spiritual and brotherly Russia, though which convoys of equipment pass uncontrollably.

The user zloy-odessit writes in his LiveJournal blog about it:

“The photo shoot held by the braves served two purposes. One, they showed the condition of the control points, which are not protected by either the terrorists or Russian soldiers. And two, they showed that the next column can expect some unpleasant and highly explosive surprises.

“Of course the “surprise” shown here is going to change its location. It would have been naïve to think that they [the partisans] would leave it exactly where they photographed it. Plus, this surprise is by no means the only one. As for the photo shoot itself, its subtext is fairly transparent – no one is hiding the fact that patriotic Ukrainians are at work in eastern Donbas, intending to kill as many occupiers and separatists as they can, while Kyiv is taking its sweet time to liberate its territories and its citizens.


“Now, before crossing this control point [the Russians] will send forward suicidal mine detectors, dog handlers with bomb-sniffing dogs, and a priest with an icon of the Virgin Mary. Naturally, it’s a fifty-fifty chance whether the “surprises” will be found and defused. Thus, a new military column will enter the Ukrainian territory, and it only has a fifty percent chance of being blown up. But the very fact that a shot can come from behind any bush, any bend in the road, at any time – that is demoralizing for the occupiers, many of whom don’t really give a damn about this war,” – the blogger writes.


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