Babylon’13: To Remain Alive, and the Ukraine Support Foundation

Click on the Closed Caption icon, “CC”, at lower right for English subtitles:

The Ukraine Support Foundation was founded by activists and volunteers who participated in the Maidan movement and support the Ukrainian army. It was founded in June of 2014.

The aim of the Foundation is to implement social and humanitarian projects so as to overcome the consequences of the war. The main spheres are: to support volunteer supplies for the army, psychological support for soldiers, and prosthetics for victims of the war.

Bank details:

Business register code 39221173,
“Raiffeisen Bank AVAL”, bank code 380805.
Acc. # 26008456728 UAH;
Acc. # 26007456729 EUR;
Acc. # 26006456731 USD.

For transferring money, please mark “Prosthetics for ATO veterans” as the purpose of payment.

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