Cyborg Nick: I sleep in a trench for you

By Nick Voronin, Ukrainian Cyborg, 79th Airmobile Brigade, previously in Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

My native land protects me.
My native [land] keeps me warm.
My Only.
My Country.
I quietly sleep in a trench.
I sleep for you.
My Ukraine.

Source: Mykola Voronin FB

It’s a strange state, our country.
Information came from a captured separatist in Yenakiieve.
My relative was going to the market and overheard one man’s conversation with a fighter from the DNR gang:
– And when will you stop fighting?
– And why should I? We have two days at home and are two days fighting. They pay well. The apartment is warm and comfortable. +24 There is hot water. I don’t lack for public utilities. Why shouldn’t I fight? I am fed well and on time. Fro two days I was fighting, and two days I’m at home.

And here I am. A Soldier of Ukraine. We go from 5 am without stopping for lunch until 3 am being transported from one base to another. Not having had time to put down any roots at a new base, they pull me and 5 of my friends out from the worn team and throw us into urgent replacement. Gathering all my things at 3:30 am. We ship to the Urals at 3:45am. In the Urals, we are driven at night like potatoes into a field. We are unloaded at 5:15am. We are exchanged for 6 fighters. We live in the field a week. Round the clock we carry out combat service falling asleep and waking with a gun. Without a possibility to wash. Issued for 3 days, the MRE [Meals-Ready-to-Eat] ended on day 3. Day 8. There’s no new food. We live in a trench. It’s cold.

Source: Mykola Voronin FB


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