Yury Kasyanov: The role of the OSCE in the ceasefire!

By Yury Kasyanov, Armiya SOS volunteer activist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

At 10:30 the OSCE came to Trokhizbenka [Luhansk Oblast/District]. And peace prevailed. There was a ringing silence; you could hear how, on the other side of the field by the forest, wood burned in a campfire around which the scouts huddled… at 12:00 the OSCE left. In their wake an automatic mortar started up from the other side of the river. Then it all began: howitzers fired up, Grads whistled, tanks came out from Slovyanoserbsk and started laying down direct fire. And we sat down to have dinner…

Source: Yury Kasyanov FB

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