Patriot Defence reaches historic milestone in efforts to train Ukrainian military.

By Patriot Defence, IFAK + Combat Lifesaver Training for Ukraine
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Slava Ukrayini! [Glory to Ukraine!]

Yesterday the humanitarian initiative Patriot Defence reached a milestone: 10,000 soldiers trained in CLS!!! [Combat Life Saver training].

This would not have been possible without the help of hundreds of concerned people from all over the world, without the tremendous work of our instructors (modest and simply the best) and without the dedicated work of our volunteers (who have carefully packed almost 8,000 IFAKs) [Improved First-Aid Kits].

We will not rest, and promise to continue to do everything we can to educate Ukraine’s patriots [who are] defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. Together, we can continue to train as many defenders of Ukraine as possible to arm them with the knowledge and techniques to save their own lives and the lives of their brothers-in-arms!

Tactical medicine or death!

Source: Patriot Defence FB 


 * * *

Please support the heroic efforts of Patriot Defence volunteers working to get Improved First Aid Kits and professional NATO combat medical training into the hands of Ukrainian soldiers to save lives. It’s needed now more urgently than ever.

 Patriot Defence Facebook page:

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