Invasion of Ukraine: Almost all the troops which stood near the Ukrainian border have entered Donbas.

By the Anti-Terrorism Center (ATC)
Translated by Yulia Nesterenko and edited by Voices of Ukraine


According to the intelligence headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Center (ATC), the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has practically taken place.

As reported in the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Center, the latest figures for the past two days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have acquired a full-scale character. Across the border of the Russian Federation, thousands of soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles and air defense systems have been deployed.

“To say that Russia sent troops – is to say nothing. For the past two days, the number of Russian military equipment and personnel of the Russian Federation army in Donbas increased tenfold. According to preliminary calculations, the majority of the forces of the Russian army, which had stood on the border with Ukraine, that is, near the areas controlled by the militants, entered Donbas. This is thousands of soldiers and hundreds of units of equipment.

Now, according to intelligence, the equipment is dispersed on the marches towards Mariupol, Debaltseve, Luhansk. The divisions of the Russian army who have entered the cities have no insignia. That is, factually, Russia practically marched its army into Donbas,” it was stated at the headquarters of the ATC.

It was also emphasized, that all military column movements by the Russian Federation army are recorded by Ukrainian intelligence to provide evidence of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine.

It should be recalled that the first portion of the Russian armored vehicles was deployed near Donetsk three days ago.


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7 Responses to Invasion of Ukraine: Almost all the troops which stood near the Ukrainian border have entered Donbas.

  1. Once Putin returns from G20, the ball will open.

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  3. bornawake says:

    OLD stock photo – please identify as such.

  4. jonelo says:

    Esa foto no es Ucrania, es muy vieja y se utiliza mucho como si fuese esta guerra . Un error pues os van a decir que es falsa la noticia misma ( hay fotos mejores de las columnas de hoy o incluso de tanques T-72 de la version esa que solo se hace en Rusia)

  5. Paul says:

    Ditto what bornawake posted: When using an old file photo in a current article, the photo should be identified as old. Example: “File Photo”, “Photo for representation only”, or ?. This should be printed on the photo along with the date the photo was taken.

  6. chervonaruta says:

    ok, everyone chill please. the photo was on the original source material. everyone knows this photo and yes it is an older photo. we have deleted it in our translation to make y’all happy, ok?

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