Who are the Donetsk airport Cyborgs?

By Tanya Tereshchenko, journalist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I saw the CYBORGS today!!! The real ones!

Eight people! From many of those who are FROM THERE and who will go back immediately after “Brave Hearts” [Ukrainian TV talk show acting as a fundraising platform for the army, on Channel 1+1]. [Editor: It’s important to note that in general, Ukrainians are informed more through television programs than internet, to which they have less access].

They are incredible people! Consider the magnitude of WARRIORS !!!!!!!!

  1. An 18-year old, who volunteered to Kirovohrad special forces, took the oath right at Donetsk Airport–in a previous life, a student at the department of sound production of the Kyiv Institute of Theater.
  2. An injured metallurgist who melts ferroalloys.
  3. A physicist, a renowned scholar from Donetsk, who conducts research on the basis of the Large Hadron Collider (http://www.stfc.ac.uk/646.aspx).
  4. A professor of Political Science at a university, candidate of historical sciences.
  5. A university professor, an IT guy, a specialist in the security of information technology.
  6. A director! Of a theater for children!!!

And only two of them are:

  1. A Kharkiv commando.
  2. A career soldier, a captain who put [the Ukrainian] flag on the control tower at the AIRPORT.

As aptly noted by Igor Stokoz: “… the difference is that OUR [soldiers] read books after a battle…” …)))) I think) … with such personnel…)

Photo: Censor.net.ua

In short!


They are real, alive and educated!

It is impossible to fight them out [of the airport]!!!

[Let’s] unite and fight with a united front! There is an important component in this “senseless” war. The Cyborg, Marshall, formulated it in detail: half a year ago there was no army, no [national] anthem, no country … Now Ukraine is being reborn! It’s giving birth to its heroic epic. And there is no surprise there… given our history 😉 it’s a simple logical progression to the sons from their forefathers 🙂 This is Ukraine, my child!!!

Source: Tanya Tereshchenko FB


Ukrainian Artillery Supports Donetsk Airport ‘Cyborgs’:

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