Very strange burials in Rostov-on-Don

By Andrey Palych, “AndrewRostov”
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Yesterday I visited one of the largest cemeteries in Europe [Editor: Total area of ​​the cemetery is 900 acres. According to reports from 2009, 335,000 people were buried there].

I came over to check on my father. I discovered bizarre burials there, to say the least.

"Northern City Cemetery. Opened in 1972."

“Northern City Cemetery. Opened in 1972.”

“From eternity to eternity, we go:”

So, now closer to the subject. Last year, in May, when I buried my father, [the cemetery] gave us a spot right in front of the recently completed residential complex “Suvorov,” that the Russian Defense Ministry built for the troops.

And here in the outskirts across from “Suvorov,” the burial sites were located on both sides of the dirt road, which could [previously] fit two passing cars. And this time, we were unable to drive up [to the grave]… [We] had to leave the car and walk. Instead of the road, there are three rows of these graves.

Most of the graves [are marked with] UM or UF. I understand this means “an unidentified male” and “unidentified female.” The date of death for the majority of them is the summer and autumn of 2014, most [of them are] listed to be 20-30 years of age, 40-45 y.o… Almost every one [of them] is under 60 years of age. But there are also many graves marked with last and first names. All of the people buried there are young. And their dates of death fall to 2014 and 2013, and even 2012. It is clear that all the burials took place ​​at the same time, because I visited the cemetery myself and saw that the [dirt] road was utilized for the burials recently. They are all very fresh. Also the fact that these burials took place away from the central alleys and the new developments, where people are currently buried, is also suspicious. [These burials] are located far away and on the outskirts [of the cemetery], where only the relatives of those who have graves there can get to them. The signs bearing a date of death, marked with 2012 or 2013, also seemed very strange. I don’t think that unidentified bodies can be kept in the morgue for so long. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

These are new blocks, where the burials take place now.

Update: I found Dmitry I. Tikhonov here. His address is Rostov-on-Don, 72 Oborony Ave. Anyway … everything is really unclear…  How come the 33 y.o. man had no one to bury him like a human being…

[Editor: One of the versions currently in speculation is that as a result of the overflow at the cemetery storage facilities (due to new bodies of Russian soldiers arriving from Ukraine), the cemetery buried the old bodies to free up the space.]

Source: Andrew Rostov blog

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2 Responses to Very strange burials in Rostov-on-Don

  1. Ivan says:

    Dead people from fighting in Ukraine. Putin declared the city [Rostov-on-Don] plague-ridden and trucked several thousand people from the Sept – Oct battles into Rostov for burial.
    source- General Wesley Clark

    • chervonaruta says:

      Yes, thanks for the good link, Ivan. Important to note that he was trucking back Russian soldiers amongst those being buried in Rostov-on-Don, Russa – just across the border with Ukraine. Rostov is also used as a staging ground before soldiers go into Ukraine since the border all along there cannot be protected given the current Russian occupation there.

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