Heroes who died at Ilovaisk (memorial video)

By Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The video and song are in Ukrainian (and if you want to translate any lines from it please do so in the comments) but it’s too beautiful and important not to post this now; the visuals are, of course, universal:

The chorus is: “I’m leaving you today, Don’t wait for me tomorrow.”

The names in the video are as follows
(in order of appearance, followed by their call names):

Andrew Zhuravlenko -Voshmyi [“Eight”]
Vadim Antonov – Samalyot [“Plane”]
Vitaly Kostyuk – Ulybka [“Smile”]
Mark Paslavsky – Franko [from “Ivan Franko” the poet]
Gorden Kiktenko – Bang
Serhei Petrov – Tur [“Taurus”]
Serhei Shkarivskyi – Schultz
Alexander Romanenko – Skiff [“Scythian”]
Yuriy Boyko – Nemo

Eternal Memory! Glory to the Heroes!
Heroyam Slava!


For financial aid to Donbas Battalion (who sustained many losses at Ilovaisk):
Map Privat – 4405885822253933
Credit cards: http://goo.gl/rhVQ6h

Friends from abroad:
Support the volunteer organization Helping Ukraine (in Toronto, Canada).
All money transferred to them, goes to help our wounded.


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1 Response to Heroes who died at Ilovaisk (memorial video)

  1. Freedom_for_all says:

    …Rest in peace.
    Hopefully, a version with English subtitle will be uploaded for the international public soon.

    Today, it is reported that Putin, the Russian Dictator (according to Gary Kasparov), has just ordered his troops on the Ukrainian border to withdraw to their barracks. This is while a Ukrainian professor wrote recently that the Russian side may launch an air raid against Ukrainian cities in order to disrupt the coming Ukrainian parliamentary election. So, such an order to withdraw his troops may be no more than another Russian smokescreen again.

    The Ukrainian professor was concerned that the Kremlin already knew the unfavourable outcome of the coming election and wanted to disrupt the election itself before it takes place. Perhaps, the NATO itself may need to keep an eye on the Kremlin these days so that the NATO member states can demonstrate a military readiness (though belatedly) if a grave situation like that ever occurs in fact.
    Sadly, the Russian Dictator Putin, a Judo black-belt guy, is interested in nothing but aggression. Maybe he learned Judo in order to learn how to be aggressive. This is while Judo was supposed to be about “defence” not offence. The same can be said about his Hollywood friend Steven Seagal, a black-belt guy of Aikido, another Japanese martial art for defence, not offence. These guys may have misunderstood everything in the first place.
    Maybe, these guys did not understand that aggression is crime, either. Sadly, such “bastards” are being given the so-called black belts nowadays. If so, Judo and Aikido are worthy of nothing today.

    The Ukrainian people waited for the current ceasefire but it has been violated daily by the ProRussian and Russian guerilla forces-regular forces causing too many casualties in the Eastern Ukraine, as far as I know. Reportedly, Ukraine finally started receiving weapons from some willing countries at last, while the Ukrainian President was seeking a so-called political solution to the ongoing Russian aggression.
    Political solution, by the way, is simply a different idea from “peaceful solution”, as most people already know here. The top diplomat of the Kremlin, FM Lavrov, and the UN Secretary General Ban always called for a so-called “political” solution to this war since it started (although they prefer to call this war a “conflict”) while they did nothing to stop the aggression.

    These diplomats were too powerless to stop the aggression, unfortunately. Thus, they let an option of “peaceful solution” simply die long time ago. In a case like this, the Ukrainian President may have had no other choice but to seek a “political solution”, good or bad.
    Still, the “political” solution is no more than an extension of the “military solution”. Whatever the Russian Dictator and the pathological liar FM Lavov were thinking when they called for a “political” solution over the Donbas war and/or the Crimean annexation…

    Fortunately, the Ukrainian President understood that he needed to rearm and regroup his troops even during the current ceasefire. And the willing friendly countries did so as well and started supplying much needed weapons as well. Also, the Donbas Volunteer Battalion commander Semenchenko managed to sign a contract to invite American military trainers to Ukraine during his visit to the US recently.
    Hopefully, the Ukrainian President will protect the civilians and his troops including these Volunteers. Also, I personally hope that the friendly countries, the member states of the NATO, will cooperate with Ukraine in its air defence so that they can deter any Russian air raid against Ukrainian cities.

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