The nurse from Luhansk who wanted the Russian Federation to send troops changed her mind after visiting occupied Luhansk

By Aleksandra Kazylo
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Remember the story of the grandmother’s nurse from Luhansk, who wanted the Russian Federation to send troops into Luhansk Oblast? Today it turned out that the story has a continuation.

She went back home [to Luhansk] for a week to deliver money to her mother – now it is the only way to do it, cash delivered in person, you cannot do it otherwise.

Today she returned. First she did not say anything, only that “she returned from hell.”
Then she said: “over there now is like under the Germans, with the commissars and all… only instead of the Germans it is Russians.”

Then she suddenly began to talk. She told about the neighbour who was in the insurgency for 3 days and then deserted – the town is small, he said – everyone knows everyone, it is impossible to watch someone you know being beaten into a pulp. The locals who are insurgents by now are the only ones who can (he calls them psychopaths) – they pay there, and money, in general cannot be gotten from anywhere. She herself refers to the “insurgents” only as bandits. She told a confusing story how her other neighbour was tortured (they took him to a forest, hit him, waterboarded him) to extort money. She speaks warmly about the National Guard (calls them boys). This is the same person who one week (!) ago was telling me how they [National Guard] are all bad people who shoot at their own, and believed in the stories of crucified children! She told me about Lysychansk (a neighbouring town controlled by the National Guard), that there is normal life there, the shops work, there is light and water, you can get a pension, but getting there is not a sure thing. She told me how she was in a bus from Moscow with a woman who was in her ninth month of pregnancy. She was returning to give birth at home, under the bombs, because although she has refugee status in Moscow, after three months they told her that her free medical care is over, you have to pay crazy money for everything, and she is about to give birth.

In general, last week our images of what was actually going on in there were opposites, and now they match. But I cannot say I am happy about that.

(for anyone interested –  this is all in the town of Kirovsk, Luhansk Oblast; the town is held by the “insurgents,” the National Guard is outside the city at a distance.)

P.S. She also considers the Ukrainian militia (cannot remember the name of the battalion, but it is linked with Kolomoisky) as bandits.

P.P.S. Of course her stories are more important than her assessments, you really don’t have to trust the latter.

Shelled apartment building in Kirov, Ukraine

Shelled apartment building in Kirov, Ukraine

Source: Aleksandra Kazylo FB

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