Andrey Makarevich’s new song: My Country Has Gone Insane (VIDEO w. English subtitles)

Reported by Radio “Echo of Moscow”
09.06. 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

My Country Has Gone Insane
Song and lyrics by Andrey Makarevich, Russian rock musician

[We] do not choose a place to be born,
But we will never break off this thread.
And now my country has gone off to war,
And I could not make her stay her hand.

Power, pleasure for some,
Rags and jail cells for some,
While I can’t overcome my pain.
My country is beyond my help,
Now that it has gone insane.

So how do we live here, and what do we think
When everything’s out of it?
You don’t have to grow any angel wings,
Just try and don’t be a shit.

And if I know something, well, this is it –
It’s time to choose and decide.
And if you choose that you won’t be a shit
Then it’s easy to live and to die.
It’s easy to live and to die.
To live… and then never die.

Source: Echo of Moscow Radio
(If you are not seeing the subtitles turn them on under the “cc” [closed captioned] function in the bottom right of the video frame)

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