By Eva Ivanova
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Ukrops, Zhydo-Banderites, Ukrainians. I get all that. That is what we are as a whole. And what about as individuals?

I read on Yuriy Butusov’s page about Colonel Yevhen Sydorenko, who broke out of the encirclement at Ilovaisk. In detail, with details of the treachery of yesterday’s comrades, about bravery, about death, about battles. I tried to remember what I was doing at that moment, while he alone drove his tank against a column, when his comrades were dying around him.

Nothing good. I was listening to a neighbour tell a story about how great their holiday in Turkey was, I was thinking whether to go out to a party that Saturday which was promised to be a lot of fun, I bought some tasty food at the market, argued over something with my sister, went to the gym.
Something is not right. Don’t you think?
And how should it be otherwise?
Life goes on as usual. For us.

And meanwhile Facebook is flooded with photographs of our boys with sad eyes and severed limbs, the speaker for the ATO also casually mutters about the number of fatalities for the day, for tomorrow they promise mountains of corpses at Debaltseve, Yefremov is not at fault for anything, the cheerful whore Bondarenko twitters about the French.

This is wrong. It is not human.
Church bells should be ringing in alarm, with billboards saying: “what have you done for the front?” at every corner, with music banned in restaurants, with buses from every city going to Mariupol to build fortifications, with the ridiculous programmes on TV removed, and the voice of the announcer Levitan on about trouble in our country.
So that it’s the whole country, and not just the volunteers.

And not because it is war, but because our people are dying, our boys, children. They die for us. And we only get one life.

And it was so damn painful for our captive soldiers at Savur-Mohyla, when they were cutting off their fingers and gouging out their eyes!
I am ashamed to live!

Source: Eva Ivanova FB


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  1. Johannes says:

    I have the same Problem.. And i can’t go..

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