Alexander Nikonov: Gradually removing the masks…

By Alexandr Nikonov, Russian journalist, writer and publicist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Our revanchists are now becoming completely brazen. Unlike the primitive patriots who litter the Internet with shouts of “Russia is not involved in the war,” bloggers have begun to grin and talk with absolute frankness. Kholmogorov, for example, called the non-involvement of Russia in this war a lie, and Dugin has totally distinguished himself:

“The DRG–sabotage and intelligence groups–have already been sent in and are working in Kharkiv, Odessa, Mikolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and in other cities and regions in Ukraine. The DRG, as fighting groups, are comprised exclusively of both military and political forces.”

The main thing is to understand the essence. If the Kremlin decides to stop the creation of Novorossiya, it will be stopped instantly. Why? Because all the supplies come from Russia. Whatever they may say about captured equipment and so on, you have to be a realist and understand that if the gear did not fire when Ukrops [slang word used by anti-Kyiv protesters to describe Ukrainians] had it, it will not fire when the resistance captures it, if the equipment has no gasoline, I would be interested to know why there is so much gasoline in Donetsk? Everything is always clear to everyone…

Mariupol will soon be taken. Mariupol is a very important point in connection with the fact that Russia will then be able to haul equipment for the army through this seaport of “New Russia.” And it will be very strategic for further advancement along the southern border all the way to the border with Crimea. And there, this will be a new launch pad for the capture of Odessa and Mikolaiv. Dnipropetrovsk will be taken last.”

That’s it. All is clear to everyone, both here and abroad. And only our idiots continue to blather: “there is no proof!” “OSCE did not recognize it!” “where are the facts to support these claims?!.”

Source: Alexandr Nikonov blog

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