Ukrainian Heroes: Vyshemirskiy Artem, wounded in Lysychansk

By Ksenia Padalko
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I have long been forcing myself to write about Artem … I couldn’t find the words [to do it].You could teach anatomy just by looking at his arm. Muscles and bones–all are visible. Tyomka [nickname for Artem] from Berdychiv. 24 [years old]. He is from the 95th Brigade. On July 19, their APC was ambushed under Lysychansk. Artem sustained terrible shrapnel wounds, even [got] shrapnel in his eyes. I tried to rewrite his epicrisis [case history], but at the end of my scribbling I just wrote–torn up. Doctors in Vinnytsia have already performed a huge number of skin grafts. Tyomka is already smiling and goes for a walk, but only God knows what torments he went through and if he is still suffering any pain. He will have quite a long-term rehabilitation. Money is needed … Today, he refused to give a television interview, although I asked him to do it. He is shy and just doesn’t realize what a hero he is! I’d really like to give him the opportunity to understand it. To show him that our people are proud of him! My friends, and those who aren’t friends as well, let’s give up some very important things to us and help Artem!

Privatbank Card#: 4149 4978 0332 6315 Vyshemirskiy Artem Mykolayovych.

For obvious reasons, I will give out his phone number only to adequate people. 🙂

Source: Ksenia Padalko FB 


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4 Responses to Ukrainian Heroes: Vyshemirskiy Artem, wounded in Lysychansk

  1. Kinga Adamowicz says:

    We want to help him…I am Polish and MY HUSBAND IS FROM LVOV. Please let us know how we can get in touch.

    • real7772013 says:

      Hi, for anyone who wants to help Vyshemirsky Artem, this is the dollar Visa of Privat Bank:
      4188 3700 1950 4375
      On this page you could find information how to transfer the money:
      When you do so, please let us know, and we will tell the author of the original article, Ksenia Podalko, about it and she can look for the money and know where it came from.
      Thank you!

  2. chervonaruta says:

    Hi Kinga,
    Thank you for your interest. We are just checking into international possibilities with the author of this post. Will let you know as soon as we hear back!

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