Yuri Butusov: Pilot of shot down MiG-29 fighter jet makes it back safely.

By Yuri Butusov, journalist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The pilot of the Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter which was shot down by a Russian anti-aircraft missile system [SAM] over Yenakiieve August 6 is secure on Ukrainian territory, according to a source from “Tsenzor.Net” on BBC Ukraine. Mercenaries cordoned off the area of the crash and fallen parachute. They found the pilot’s place of landing and made a real hunt for him. The Russians would very much like, for propaganda purposes, to catch the pilot and combat aircraft, and question him in their traditional ways–and we know that many of our prisoners are tortured to give relevant evidence, shot through the legs and arms.

The officer landed and did not turn on his radio beacon–so that the enemy could not locate his bearings–he decided to make his own way through to safety. He oriented himself on the ground and walked away from his pursuers, and he avoided the enemy [using camouflage and orientation] over about a 40 km distance! Tonight the courageous Ukrainian soldier came to our advanced checkpoint. I was not far from this checkpoint, and immediately learned about the joyful rescue. Now the officer has been delivered to our base. Tough guy. Respect.

Source: Yuri Butusov FB


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  1. this is awesome news.

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