July 31, 2014: 50-unit armored convoy entered Ukraine from Russia

By Roman Burko, Chief Editor at InformNapalm and BurkoNews
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.55.08 AMANOTHER convoy of armored vehicles from the territory of the Russian Federation has entered Ukraine (passed through Sukhodilsk, Shoseyna Street).
Early this morning, on July 31, a large convoy of armored vehicles, about 50 units (this is no exaggeration) passed through the town of Sukhodilsk [Luhansk Oblast]. According to our local sources, “We haven’t seen anything like this before, convoys have passed through before, but in much smaller numbers.”

Judging from this, we can already say that Russia brought its troops into Ukraine without a declaration of war. In our previous reports, we warned about the urgent need to block the border in Krasnodon Raion [district] and the surrounding villages. This should be done not only in the area of the Izvaryne checkpoint  where the #OSCE representatives‪ may still be present, but also in the villages ‪of Parkhomenko, Popivka, and especially in the village of‪ Sjevernyi.

It is necessary not only to regain control of the highway through the village of Novosvitlivka and Novohannivka (before Luhansk), but also to secure our positions at this locale. A simple checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces / National Guard won’t help against such large convoys. This is no longer an ATO, not from a long time ago, but an undeclared war.

Locals express bewilderment and sharply criticize the security command. For a better understanding of the situation, below is the direct speech of one of the locals who daily observes the influx of equipment from the‪ RF [Russian Federation]:

“It seems that [our] top security officials are interested in a protracted massacre since they don’t intend to block this source (Note: #Sukhodilsk , Sjevernyi, Popivka, and Parkhomenko) of daaaaaily passage of equipment from Russia for the third month in a row! This is an endless stream of reinforcements for terrorists! How can [we] reach and give a shoutout to the top?! We cannot call the phone numbers posted on their websites–they are being wiretapped. People keep writing and warning, but the ministers have zero reaction, and [they] probably don’t report to the President about such blunders, shaking in their office chairs, while the children are dying! And then [they] will again wonder where the tanks, APCs, Grads, Acacias, and vehicles with shells and mercenaries come through?!…”

We would like to emphasize immediately that this is not the only message about the equipment convoy consisting of 50 units passing through this area today. Moreover, there is information that this convoy is preparing to attack the #ATO forces…
Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine and death to [its] enemies!

This is the video of the convoy:

Source: Roman Burko FB

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3 Responses to July 31, 2014: 50-unit armored convoy entered Ukraine from Russia

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  2. Mark says:

    This is a genuine question – can you provide further evidence as to the location and timing of this video. There’s lots of stuff out there and no-one trusts anyone anymore, so it will help your cause to provide more information on this video

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