Health hotel “Sosnovyi Bor” (Pine Forest) receives appliances, building materials and products from volunteers

By Oksana Parhomyuk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the “Council of Public Initiatives” and the National Academy of State Tax Service, the first humanitarian aid [for internally displaced persons, IDP’s] has been delivered to the health hotel “Sosnovyi Bor,” [Pine Forest] located in the village of Vorzel.


Today, “Prominvestbank” responded to a request for help. Appliances, building materials and food products in the amount of 200,000 UAH [USD $17,169] were delivered.

The bank representative together with the volunteers visited the compact settlement. During the visit, visitors identified the major weaknesses of the health hotel and which facilities must be repaired first.

Volunteers have a lot more work left [to do] at the “Sosnovyi Bor” health hotel, in fact winter is ahead and unfortunately the displaced persons are unlikely to return to Crimea before winter. This is why the Council of Public Initiatives plans to continue to attract volunteers and sponsors to help with the repair, equipping and providing the IDPs and encourages the public not to remain on the sidelines.


Together we are stronger.



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