Yuriy Butusov: Details Regarding the Checkpoint Bombing in Kamyanka

By Yuriy Butusov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Attention to those military personnel serving at checkpoints! Details and findings regarding the new tactics of a terrorist attack on a checkpoint in Kamyanka. The terrorist attack was not carried out by a suicide bomber, but by a local taxi driver in whose car the terrorists had placed a bomb. Elaboration of the information from the NSDC [National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine] and Dmitry Tymchuk.

Today from Amvrosiivka, an aircraft was bringing home the remains of three soldiers from the 39th Battalion of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Territorial Defense, who were killed on July 21st near the town of Kamyanka in Donetsk Oblast. I think it is important to recount the details of this tragedy and to draw conclusions from it. Being there on site near first-hand sources, I want to relate those details which are not shown in the reports by the NSDC and Dmitry Tymchuk. First of all, there were unfortunately not three, but at least five casualties. The remains of two soldiers have not yet been transferred. A minibus came up to the checkpoint. Behind the wheel was a middle aged man. An eyewitness who survived miraculously does not believe that this was a suicide. The soldier states that this was a local inhabitant in whose car the terrorists had installed a powerful charge of up to 30 kilograms of TNT and set up a radio detonator. The driver behaved calmly. This was most likely a taxi driver (whose identity is being determined), who was asked to transport boxes of freight. The unfortunate man did not know that his car had been turned into a bomb and that they were using him without his knowledge. The bomb was most likely detonated remotely.

The reason for the heavy loss was the large number of military personnel at the checkpoint.

It is clear that the number of people checking documents on our checkpoints should be minimized, so that the checkpoints stop being such a convenient target for the terrorists.

The main forces of the unit serving at the checkpoint should control the situation on the road from camouflaged shelters and firing positions. Do not forget that the less you are in large units out in the open, the less likely you are to become a priority target for terrorists.

Source: Yuri Butusov FB

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