Source in Ukrainian Air Traffic Control: Crashed Malaysian Airlines Plane Was Shot Down

Yuriy Butusov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Butusov_avvie A source of Censor.Net in the Dnipropetrovsk dispatch control center of Ukraerorukh (Ukrainian air traffic control authority) commented on the situation concerning the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, shot down today:

torez_map“The Boeing was flying at 10,000 meters, through an international air corridor. There neither were nor could have been any restrictions for flights at this altitude – because there has not been any threat for aircraft at this altitude, before. The airliner was navigated by the Rostov center for air traffic control (Russian Federation), as well as by Ukrainian dispatchers. The Boeing’s beacon disappeared abruptly, without any warnings or SOS signals. The plane dropped from the flight level instantly, in the Torez [Donetsk region] area. After exchanging opinions with our Russian colleagues, we jointly concluded that the Boeing was shot down. All information about this catastrophe has been recorded, and will be presented to international experts.”

Source: Yuriy Butusov FB

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2 Responses to Source in Ukrainian Air Traffic Control: Crashed Malaysian Airlines Plane Was Shot Down

  1. So flight MH370 loses contact and disappears, now another Malaysian Boeing 777 loses contact and crashes. Shot down, or is there someone taking control over these planes and crashing them??? Why would Ukrainian rebels shoot down a passenger plane, it doesn’t make sense?

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