VOLUNTEER SOTNYA: Second Update on Eduard, the wounded soldier

By Volunteer Sotnya
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Today a man came in.

The man brought USD $6,100 and simply said, “Spend [it] on our guys at the hospital.” We are sending the money to treat Eduard Tkach to his wife Tetyana, who is endlessly grateful for such much-needed help! THANK YOU!

Eduard Tkach, a soldier of the 79th Airborne Brigade from the city of Mykolayiv. He is now being treated at the Central Military Hospital in Kyiv.

[Eduard] was seriously injured on June 4, when a convoy of the 79th Brigade broke through three ambushes [on the way] to Krasnyi Lyman [Donetsk Oblast].

During his evacuation from Kharkiv, Eduard survived a cardiac arrest on a plane.

Eduard has a terrible diagnosis–a penetrating shrapnel wound to the left temporal lobe of the brain.

He had a surgery yesterday, his subsequent complications from it are kidney failure. Doctors are now working on this problem as well.

[Eduard] requires long-term treatment, numerous operations are ahead.

You can help! The total amount of treatment that is needed as of now is 35,000 Euro (of which USD $ 6,100 and 7,000 Hryvnias have been collected).

Banking details:

Privatbank: 4405885824888421–wife Tetyana Valeriyivna Skrypnyk.

Source: Volunteer Sotnya FB


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