VOLODYMYR MAMADALIEV, Lt. Colonel who died on Mount Karachun

By Alexey Arestovich, army volunteer and motivational speaker
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.42.14 AM15 minutes ago, my first classmate died–Lt. Colonel Volodymyr Mamadaliev, and once upon a time just Vovka [diminutive of Volodymyr]. A squad commander of the 4th cadet platoon. I was a deputy commander on armaments in the 3rd [cadet platoon].

[Mount] Karachun.

I remember, how, during the course of a young soldier, we filled out questionnaires, and had to indicate our nationality. Vovka’s father was somewhere from Central Asia.

Well and his last name, of course.

And I asked him:

–And who are you by your nationality?

And he told me, in such a hurt and proud manner:

–I am a Ukrainian!..

Now­–for sure.

Lt. Col. Mamadaliev, who died on Mount Karachun, leaves behind a wife (who also serves at the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and a 12-year old son.

Source: Alexey Arestovich FB 













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1 Response to VOLODYMYR MAMADALIEV, Lt. Colonel who died on Mount Karachun

  1. Lorren says:

    Glory and honor to the fallen. Your blood is strengthening the land upon which it falls. The land will blossom from the terrible majesty of this blood which is shed; strong trees will grow, with roots deep and boughs brushing the sky, crops will stretch to the horizon, feeding children the world over, and bright flowers will raise their heads in honor, scenting the breeze with memory. The sun will kiss this hallowed ground, the rain will carry the blood of heroes deep, and Ukraine’s harvest, so long awaited, will be the marvel of the world.

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