ROMAN BOCHKALA: The most effective day in the history of the ATO [PHOTO]

By Roman Bochkala, Journalist, Inter TV channel
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

It was a difficult day. But probably the most effective day since the beginning of the ATO. Ukrainian warriors have yet again shown their superiority, determination and exceptional professionalism. Special Ops took place at all areas of the front today. I can’t discuss much yet. The situation is currently developing. The separatists were pushed out from everywhere. They fled, cursing their own greed. When they came to Ukraine for money, they believed in the fairy tales that the Ukrainian army is demoralized and cannot fight. Then they hoped that the ceasefire, which they constantly violated, would be infinite. The terrorists had it wrong.


Source: Roman Bochkala FB 

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1 Response to ROMAN BOCHKALA: The most effective day in the history of the ATO [PHOTO]

  1. It’s the beginning of the end for Putin: the end of the beginning for a New Ukraine…now it’s a Whole New Day….Glory to the Ukraine!!! Keep on!!! Ray ON!!!

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