DIGESTS AND ANALYTICS: Chronicles of June 25, 2014

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.13.33 AM

In Ukraine:

● Mezhyhirya [former residence of Viktor Yanukovych] has been returned to the ownership of the state f.
● The budget of the Pension Fund has been adopted with a deficit of 18.1 billion Hryvnias [USD $1,52 billion].
● Ivan Plushch has died, who was twice the Chairman of the Vekhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament].
● The official Hryvnia rate has been increased by 1 kopeck and is currently at 11.88 UAH/$.
● The new edit of the Constitution of Ukraine can be adopted as early as September [of this year].
● The number of employees at the Prosecutor General’s Office will be reduced by 1,500 positions.

● Petro Poroshenko has appointed Vladimir Klitschko the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration [KCSA], by combining two posts [Kyiv Mayor and Head of the KCSA].
● 15 Kyiv City Council commissions have been formed. 10 commissions were headed by the members of “UDAR” party [party of V. Klitschko].
● Klitschko said that he was interested in the creation of a municipal police.

Theater of war:
● The official Moscow must immediately withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border and withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine–both from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and from Donbas, a statement by the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine says.
● Today a telephone conversation in a quadripartite format among President of Ukraine Poroshenko, German Chancellor Merkel, French President Hollande, and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place. It was devoted to the implementation of the peace plan for eastern Ukraine.
● Insurgents continue their attacks on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the conflict zone in Donbas.
● Semyon Semenchenko, the commander of the Donbas Battalion made a statement opposing the extension of the ceasefire in the ATO area after June 27.

In the world:
● The Federation Council of the Russian Federation [RF] withdrew Putin’s mandate for the entry of troops into Ukraine.
● Without permission from Ukraine, no airline in the world has the right to operate flights to


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