Why all the “Vatniks” are so afraid of “Right Sector”

By Petro Oleshchuk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.38.44 PM

Do you know why all the “Vatniks”are so afraid of “Right Sector,” why they are waiting for ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and total annihilation? For artillery shelling of populated areas? Bombings and firestorms? Concentration camps simply for the “suspicious,” and bullets for the “openly dissatisfied?” Powerful repressive mechanisms. Gallows in the streets…


Which, by the way, they keep confirming in Donbas. All whom they don’t like–[they] beat and take them hostage; other “enemies”–[are] killed on site.

They cannot imagine that a “revolution” is not necessarily the same as “revolutionary terror,” that victory in a war is not necessarily total annihilation. That the renaissance of national consciousness is not necessarily ethnic cleansing…

Source: Andreistp LivejournalMcFaul Twitter


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