Repair work on the “Seversky Donetsk–Donbas” water channel

 By Vladislav Seleznev, ATO Spokesperson
06.20.2014 18:30 Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

According to sources, today the “Water of Donbas” repair team who restored the water supply on the Seversk Donets–Donbas route was shelled again. Employees were fired at with a grenade-launcher. This is not the first attempt to restore the water supply, which was damaged by insurgents firing mortars. But time after time, groups of sabotage and intelligence fighters do not allow company employees to perform their defined scope of work.

This restricts the flow of water to the users. All other regulations, and repair of the water supply system are made, so if it were not for the shooting, at the end of the day the pumping station could pump water. But this is not an isolated case. Yes, today a delegation of Sloviansk residents appealed to Igor Girkin with the demand that he leave the city along with his henchmen, to protect people from danger. But in return they received only a refusal. This once again demonstrates the true attitudes of insurgents towards the peaceful populace. There exists a wide gulf between the declarations of insurgents and their actions. 

Source: Vladislav Seleznev FB

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    Repair work on the “Seversky Donetsk–Donbas” water channel

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