VYACHESLAV SAVELYEV: Another Sloviansk family is safe now

By Vyacheslav Savelyev, Army Volunteer

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

We picked up a large family, a woman and her six children, from a checkpoint in Sloviansk. They came up to our soldiers early in the morning on foot. They retold how separatists drove up to their residential area, fired at a checkpoint, and left quickly. In response, our [servicemen] shot at the same place…

Our guys met them, put them in the dugout, fed them, and called us asking to urgently transport them to Izium [city in Kharkiv Oblast] and help out with housing. We took them practically from under fire; a sniper was working on the separatists’ side, journalists were already working here trying to interview.

We [brought] them to Izium and gave them 600 Hryvnias [USD $51] for the necessities, from our card on which we receive money to help the soldiers–but diapers first and foremost. [We] found them a house in Borovsk Raion [district] and the SFV (Self-defense Fighting Vehicle) 🙂 🙂 🙂  has taken the family to a safe place.

Glory to Ukraine!

Source: Vyacheslav Savelyev FB

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4 Responses to VYACHESLAV SAVELYEV: Another Sloviansk family is safe now

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  2. Dan says:

    Why all these families have no father? Are you sure he is not fighting for DPR?

    • Lorren says:

      No, no one is sure of that, I suspect. It was not an issue that decided whether the children needed to be gotten out of the kill zone or not. Civilized people of honor do not hold children responsible for the actions of their parents any more than the world forces, which is too often as it is. Children were in need and good people stepped up. I urge you to go find the father and ask him this question yourself.

  3. Lorren says:

    Da, glory to Ukraine! I think that a further unintended consequence of Putin’s war on Ukraine is the building of bridges of understanding and mutual goodwill between Easterners and Westerners who previously viewed each other only with suspicion. At every turn, Putin’s heavy-handed tactics put him further and further from his aims. There is no doubt he is very clever, but without a drop of wisdom with which to guide his cleverness, he wins small skirmishes that are actually costing him “the war”. (his larger regional and global aims).

    If he wants to be surrounded by friends to defend him from the frightful West, he needs to stop attacking everyone around him as his method of keeping them in his orbit. Russia appears to have no knowledge of the concept in relationships of honest mutual benefit as an incentive. Russia only knows coercion and manipulation. And everyone just leaves in response. If Russia had anything compelling to offer, all of the nations in the USSR would not have left at a dead run as soon as it became clear that the central government could no longer hold them in by force.

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