The Chronicles of Donbas Battalion (DFD)

By Media Centre of the Donbas Volunteer Defense Force
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

The creation of the Third Donbas Battalion of the National Guard, drawn from the Defense Force [of] Donbas (DFD) has started.

Based on an official decision by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the creation and combat preparation of the Third Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine–drawn from DFD troops who have arrived at the Guard’s training base near Kyiv–has begun.

At present the sub-unit consists of approximately 300 persons, ranging in age from 18 to 55. On the 1st and 2nd of June, over 100 volunteers decided to join the sub-unit; 40 of them are Maidan activists. Around 40% of the battalion consists of veterans who have served in different hotspots: this can easily be noticed by looking at shooting practice results, for the use of light arms and grenade launchers.

The majority of the battalion is prepared to sign a contract with the National Guard, to become Guard reserves. At present a new type of military unit is being created, thus [recruitment and training] methods are completely different. Firstly, procedures for preliminary professional and medical examinations have been sped up to the maximum. Secondly, enrolment into the battalion is being carried out by the unit’s command; taking into account the personal abilities of each particular volunteer and, more generally, the specifics of the battalion’s tasks.

The main tasks of this ‘Donbas’ special operations battalion will be reconnaissance activities; anti-sabotage and anti-assault operations; and participation in the protection of the state border from mobile gangs of terrorists and infiltrators. Enrolment will be ongoing until the number of troops reaches 500 persons. Fighters need to pass a strict examination: the main test criteria are military experience, physical fitness and patriotism.

The Third Special Operations Battalion will consist of 360 persons. The rest of the volunteers will join the 24th Battalion of the Territorial Self-Defence [Force] of Luhansk Oblast.

Source: Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force “Donbas” FB

The Media Center of the Donbas Volunteer Defense Force reports:

As of June 5th, the Donbas Battalion numbers 630 persons. From now on, command of “Donbas” starts to examine the fighters strictly, because only 460 persons are allowed to join the battalion. The main criteria are physical training, military experience and high level of patriotism.

After the battalion is commissioned, all fighters who have not passed the examination may join the 24th Battalion of Self-defense of the Lugansk Oblast or a following battalion of the National Guard will be created.

We would like to remind you that it has been a week since “Donbas” has started retraining at the testing area of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The best military instructors, psychologists and consultants are engaged in the process. As of today, the first two groups have gone through a series of psychological trainings.

According to the opinion of Semyon Semyonchenko, we have a unique opportunity now, an opportunity to build a new type of army. The best specialists using both the most contemporary experience and the experience of World War II are engaged in tactical, shooting and other trainings. They do everything possible to ensure that our fighters will be effective and deadly for the enemies when they go back to their land in two weeks and will be very capable to finally liberate Donbas.

In addition, the priests are in constant contact with the fighters and lend them moral and financial support. For example, the priests from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate have brought in 10 consecrated Kevlar helmets and blessed the future deeds of “Donbas.”

Source: Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force “Donbas” FB

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