Zoya Kazanzhy: Events in Odesa

By Zoya Kazanzhy

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.56.53 PM

People are calling me with one question: What is happening in Odesa? Shooting, mine threats…

I tell [them]. Today, the Odesa Regional State Administration received an email message that the Administration building was “mined.” People evacuated and they checked the building. [It was] clean.

Yesterday, they just “mined” the Prymorskyi District Court in Odesa. Someone was itching to do it. I think very soon we will find out who it was.

Regarding the shooting. Today at about 2:00 PM EEST, three people were detained on Kosmonavty Street. Special op. Conducted by “Alfa” [anti-terrorist unit]. They [insurgents] shot from both directions. “Alfa” was more successful.  The “Timer” website reported that the detained were activists from Kulikovo field. Timer knows.

Regarding the situation at the Odesa railway station. Yesterday on May 27, the SBU [ Security Service of Ukraine] prevented a groups of citizens from going to Moscow for “work” [usually as day laborers].

Russian intelligence services recruited residents of Odesa Oblast [region] to commit terrorist and subversive acts in the Donbas area and Odesa.

The SBU press center reported that future subversives planned to go to Moscow for special training at one of the undercover specialized schools of the Russian GRU. There were 8 people, mostly former special ops team members of the Armed forces. A 45 year-old Ukrainian citizen was in charge of the subversives—a retired Major of the Airborne Forces and a parachute training instructor.

You can actually see the landing of the special forces in the picture.

That is all for today. 🙂

Source: Zoya Kazanzhy FB
Image source: UkraineInvestigation.com 

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