ROMAN DONIK: An Attitude Change Post-elections

By Roman Donik, Army activist.

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

I don’t know what it is, but something has changed, literally in the last several days, in the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] zone.

If earlier we looked at the [military] guys with hope, now it’s the opposite. They are looking at us, the civilians, with hope. Today, I heard twice from them, “So, how is it there? What happens next?”

The [presidential] elections were a point of anticipation for everyone, but first and foremost for the security forces. After the elections, everything is to be different. Before the elections, it wasn’t possible, but after the elections we begin.

After arrived.

The guys are ready. They have already crossed the line between peace and war. They are ready both mentally and physically. They are even better equipped than a month ago, thanks to Ukrainian civilians. What remains is to just begin and finish.

The past two days have shown that the format [of the ATO] has definitely changed. It has become tougher. More professional. More combat-like. Thoroughly. Jokes are over.

We went to visit our protégés today. For the Jaguar [tank] we brought combat boots, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and Austrian [military] backpacks with [ammunition] pouches. First aid kits with butorphanol and tourniquets. Relax, they were kits for motorists and legal :). Canned goods and cigarettes.

At the ATO camp, we transferred the tiny Austrian tents for secret purposes.

And, most importantly, good people passed on to us the blueprints of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. We printed the maps, gave some to the specialists and some to the ATO headquarters.

Now the platoons will have the maps of these cities. Before they were as blind as baby kittens.

Source: Roman Donik FB 


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3 Responses to ROMAN DONIK: An Attitude Change Post-elections

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  2. An uplifting post. Now that it’s begun, I hope it ends quickly, too, and in Ukraine’s favor.

  3. Larry says:

    The military didn’t have maps of Slovyansk before? Now that is scary!

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