Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – May 20, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

10264835_10152359935652264_208634952_n copyHere’s the Summary for May 20, 2014 (for the summary from previous day, please see Summary for May 19.

The bad news:

1. In Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts [regions], separatists captured eleven district election commissions [DEC], there is still a threat of the seizure of eight more.

According to our current Ukrainian legislation, the elections will be valid without a number of polling stations in Donbas. But why should some criminal bandits deny [Ukrainian] citizens the opportunity to make their political choice under normal circumstances?

We want to still believe that Ukrainian special forces will do everything in their power to maximally allow for the work of the election commissions. After all, it’s the state’s responsibility to ensure the realization of the constitutional rights of its citizens.

2. In the Vekhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament], the Party of Regions and the Communists thwarted the vote for the criminalization of bribing voters. Those who bribe the electorate, it was proposed, are to receive  punishment of a prison term for up to three years.

As expected, at the mention of a prison term for these tricks, the Party of Regions members and the Communists got really nervous. These gentlemen from the past don’t want honest politics. It’s just not for them. Their brain refuses to recognize the idea of an honest life.

Something has to be decided about these brains.

Helicopter Ka-52 arriving to take part in Aviadarts-2014 military exercises. Photo source:

Helicopter Ka-52 arriving to take part in Aviadarts-2014 military exercises. Photo source:

3. Russia does not forego holding the “Aviadarts-2014” [military] exercises on the eve and day of the Presidential elections in Ukraine. Kyiv gave Moscow 48 hours to provide an explanation regarding these exercises.

It is clear that we won’t hear a reasonable explanation. Although these exercises (participants master the combat use of missile, bomb, and cannon gun armaments against ground targets, as well as overcoming the air defense system of a simulated enemy) are in fact, the action script of the Russian Air Force in the invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time, we haven’t yet observed the withdrawal of Russian troops from the border areas. However, at least they aren’t currently hanging out in the 10-km [6-mile] border zone–which stabilizes the situation somewhat. But it’s a rather illusory détente. For real stabilization, we need a complete return of Russian troops to the places of their permanent deployment.

The good news:

1. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted to adopt the “Memorandum of peace and harmony.” It calls for the de-escalation of tension in the country, full support of the Geneva agreements, and the promise of Constitutional reform.

Obviously this document is nothing more than a declaration. But in my opinion, it’s a very important step to a real dialogue. Obviously, not with terrorists–we can only speak the language of lead with them. But to a dialogue with the population of East and South–those who for some reasons don’t trust Kyiv. But, at the same time, want to live in a unified and stable Ukraine.


2. 100,000 people representing the world community supported the petition to the U.S. government to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism [Ed. –please sign].

If this status is de facto recognized by the West and the whole world thereafter, it will be an indisputable victory for Ukraine. Even though Russia prides itself on its current role as an actual rogue nation, nevertheless the further growth of international support for Ukraine won’t hurt.

3. Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov has finally shed his false shame and supported a unified Ukraine. In Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, he urged [employees of] his largest enterprises to hold a warning strike against violence and separatism.

We recently criticized Akhmetov for his “memoranda” with the terrorist organization “Donetsk People’s Republic.” The fellow has redeemed himself. We are glad.

There may be plenty of reasons to explain the behavior of the Donbas oligarch. Let’s not forget that a serious part of his business is in Europe–and [people] there wouldn’t understand his “cooperation” with the terrorist organization.

On the other hand, while Rinat Leonydovych is torn between the “Russian” and the normal world, his fiefdom in Donbas is slowly getting overshadowed by Kolomoyskyi. Akhmetov doesn’t need this type of sport even for free. And that’s why his participation in the competition for the title of Best-friend-of-a-unified-Ukraine is self-explanatory.

Again, it’s possible that Akhmetov considered the legitimate government to be more acceptable, while threatening to confiscate a part of [his] business, rather than the chaos and anarchy of his pro-Russian buddies. Especially since they vouched to conduct the “nationalization” of Akhmetov’s enterprises.

In the end, we do not exclude a double play by Akhmetov. But it’s not the point. If this tactical step by Akhmetov positively affects the situation in the region–why shouldn’t it be welcomed? And we’ll deal with his motives and secret desires later.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB 

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5 Responses to Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – May 20, 2014

  1. godofreason says:







    A democratic country cannot be held together by force of arms. By not calling for a referendum to let the people truly decide whether they want to remain part of Ukraine or separate, the Ukrainian government is allowing the pro Russian separatists to create anarchy forcing the Government to respond with force leading to civilian deaths that are blamed on the Government inflaming the East and turning the East against it and fueling the pro Russian secession drive.

    This has given the pro Russians the ability to have their own phony referendum.

    Prime Minister Yatsenyuk must at this Conference declare an immediate cession of its offensive BUT leaving troops in place and IMMEDIATELY CALL FOR A REAL REFERENDUM and declare the following:

    1. The Ukraine must be declared a bilingual country with both Ukrainian and Russian as EQUAL languages which will have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of Government at ALL levels. Any citizen must be able to obtain ALL government services in either language ANYWHERE in the country. This includes court proceedings.

    2. Just as In Canada which is a bilingual country parents can have their children educated in both languages. Just as in Canada, the Ukrainian Government shall place obligations on private actors in Ukrainian society to provide access to goods or services in both official languages (such as the requirement that food products be labeled in both Ukrainian and Russian. The Ukrainian Government will provide support to non-government actors to encourage or promote the use or the status of one or the other of the two official languages. This includes grants and contributions to groups representing the Russian -speaking minority in the West and the Ukrainian -speaking minorities in the East to assist with the establishment of an infrastructure of cultural supports and services.

    3. All governors to be democratically elected for ALL Oblasts.

    4. A constitutional conference including representatives from the East to establish a new Constitution with decentralization of government services to the Oblasts with relevant tax powers. Donetsk People’s Republic cannot participate in this constitutional conference until it vacates all buildings.

    5. Ukrainian Government guarantees access for the Russian Federation to the armament industry based in the East which the Russian military is dependent on.

    6. Ukrainian Government guarantees the electrical and water flows to Crimea.

    7. Ukrainian Government guarantees no membership ever in Natio.

    8. Follow the example of Poland that utilizes coal for most of its energy production. Dramatically start switching from gas to coal. Announce that the coal mine wages in Donetsk will be greatly increased.

    9. The EU announces a Marshall program for the east to upgrade infrastructure etc.

    10. Joining both the Eurasian trade zone and EU trade association, Ukraine will demand full equality in the Eurasian trade zone for both itself and Belorussia and Kazakhstan with Russia. Ukraine will seek to join the Eurasian, EU and the NAFTA trade zones into a free trade association consisting of about 1.3 billion peoples. This massive free trade zone could then be expanded to include South American creating a 2.3 billion membership the total population of China and India.

    11. The Ukrainian government will call for a referendum to be held July 5th. The question will be

    “Do you want to separate from the Ukraine and join the Russian Federation or remain part of Ukraine? “

    The month of June will be declared referendum month. All parties will be given the same EQUAL access to TV and press to make its case. All buildings will be vacated with those pro Russians being given access to make their case to the voters. Once these buildings are vacated, the Ukraine army will withdraw to its bases.

    The voting will be controlled by OSCE with each group represented at EACH ballot box and EACH box totally controlled to ensure the ABSOLUTE integrity of the voting. 60% of the total electorate must vote to be legal.

    These proposals give Putin a face saving way out of the crisis he has created and boxed himself into. He can claim that he has protected the rights of Russian speakers and has a huge carrot of being an integral part of the largest free trade zone ever created.

    • John Sarlat says:

      12. The return of Crimea to the sovereignty of Ukraine and return of all seized private and public lands and business entities in that territory. Also reparations from Russia for losses incurred to the Citizens of Crimea due to the illegal seizure and invasion of that Ukrainian Territory.

  2. nazdaqau says:

    Reblogged this on Ukraine Crisis Center.

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