Crimean Field Mission on Human Rights: On the Aggravation of Discrimination Against the Crimean Tatar People

Euromaidan PR

The Crimean Field Mission expresses its concern about the increasing number of reports of human rights violations against members of the Crimean Tatar people.


On May 15, the Crimean Field Mission learned that Shevkie Taymazov’s home was searched by FSB officers (Russina security service). They informed the Taymazovs that their grandson, Enver Asanov, domiciled at this address, was suspected of a felony, but they refused to give more specific information. The FSB press service in Crimea and Sevastopol refused to comment on the situation.

In addition, partners of the Crimean Field Mission in Simferopol reported that about 15 FSB officers raided the home of Ali Khamzin, head of the Mejlis Foreign Relations Administration. They asserted that the house was raided because Ali Khamzin’s business cards were supposedly found on members of Pravy Sektor. Khamzin is currently in Kyiv and his son, who also lives in the house, was summoned to…

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