Ukraine Stops Water Supply to Crimea

Euromaidan PR

channelThe North Crimean canal has stopped supplying water to the unrecognized Republic of Crimea, reads a statement made by the State Water Resources Agency.

“The North Crimean canal is currently operating in a mode that has been adjusted to meet the needs of the Kherson Oblast’s water users due to the absence of constructive proposals to establish contractual relations for providing the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with water resources for domestic water supply and irrigation,” said the statement of May 8.

The question of Crimea repaying its 2013 1.7 mln UAH debt for water consumption to the canal’s administration still remains. 

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3 Responses to Ukraine Stops Water Supply to Crimea

  1. helen holmes says:

    I can understand wanting to strike out but I wonder if this is a bright move given the fact that your own energy supplies are threatened. It also speaks of revenge which will not do a thing to resolve the many serious problems in the area as a whole. And you can bet something will be cut off to Ukraine within a week.

    People need water to live.

  2. Natalka says:

    Is this move an indication that Ukraine is accepting the annexation of Crimea? According to real statistics, 30% of the people voted and only15% in favour of Annexation. That means that 85% of the people are/were loyal to Ukraine and now feel totally abandoned. If Ukraine plans on getting back Crimea at some point, is this a good move? Unfortunately, someone has to pay for the water and for now although we want to punish Those that thought connection to Russia would be wonderful, many Ukrainians are suffering at this tough game of chess.

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