Battle in Sloviansk – May 5, 2014

By Borislav Bereza

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

In a fierce battle, Ukrainian special forces, defeated a large group of terrorists who attempted to break out from Sloviansk, which has been surrounded by the Ukrainian military. Several hundred bandits attacked the positions of our troops and were pushed back, suffering heavy losses. Significant quantities of the newest, Russian-made weapons were captured on the battlefield, including what Russian spetsnaz GRU is known to be armed with. The battlefield remains under our control, cleanup is on-going, as the fight subsided literally 30 minutes ago. A crucial role was played by Interior Ministry special forces soldiers of the “Omega” and ” Jaguar” squads, and the special “Alpha” squad of the SBU.

Unfortunately, during the heavy fighting our troops suffered heavy losses.
Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed, while one is in critical condition, and about 20 of our soldiers were wounded.  Medical assistance was administered and they were evacuated by helicopter to nearby hospitals.
Eternal memory to the fallen in the battle for freedom and independence of our country…

Original source: Borislav Bereza FB
Our Lady of Sorrows monument in Sloviansk

Our Lady of Sorrows monument in Sloviansk

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    Battle in Sloviansk – May 5, 2014

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