Tymoshenko salutes G7 tightening sanctions vs. Putin’s regime

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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Yulia Tymoshenko, Presidential candidate nominated by Batkivshchyna faction, noted that she supported the G7 decision to immediately increase sanctions against Russia and believes such measures will stop Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

She said that during an interview with The Associated Press TV service, reports Censor.NET citing Batkivshchyna’s press service.

“Now is high time for the third round of sanctions. That’s why I welcome the decision to impose them and hope that, as was announced today, these will be sanctions concerning Russia’s banking system and energy sphere,” –she said.

“I believe they’ll be effective. The power and intensity of these sanctions will stop Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, (Russian) soldiers will withdraw to their territory and the destabilization will stop,” –Tymoshenko added.

Yulia Tymoshenko said that all the democratic world should stand together to combat Russia’s imperial plans.

“Putin not only dreams of conquering Ukraine and the Eurasian space, he dreams of a global dictate,” – she noted.

To recap, on Saturday the White House’s website posted a statement announcing the G7 decision on immediate intensification of targeted sanctions against Russia.

Source: Censor.net.ua 

Image source: Tymoshenko.ua  

[Editor’s note: As a reminder, after the sanctions by the U.S. and Europe targeted energy and defense companies,  analysts have noted that these sanctions did not include major companies like “natural gas producers Novatek and Sibur, construction company Mostotrest, and media companies NTV, OTR and CTC Media.”]

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