Moscow tries a new Polish and Hungarian “separatist” number

Moscow tries a new Polish and Hungarian “separatist” number

By: Halya Coynash



While the EU continues to stall over any serious sanctions, Russia is diversifying its efforts to destabilize Ukraine, with the government radio station Voice of Russia now citing alleged Polish and Hungarian “separatist” sentiments.  The new efforts are worryingly reminiscent of a scandalous suggestion put forward by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, deputy speaker of Russia’s State Duma.

In a letter sent to the governments of Poland, Romania and Hungary in March this year, Zhirinovsky suggested dividing Ukraine up according to the 1939 Nazi-Soviet pact, with Poland “reclaiming” the territory, now Ukraine, which until the invasions by Nazi Germany on Sep 1 1939 and USSR on Sep 17 had been under Polish rule.  The proposal was widely condemned in Poland with Tomasz Nałęcz, presidential adviser on historical issues, calling it the product of a sick mind and suggesting Zhirinovsky needed a psychiatrist.

Not Zhirinovsky alone, it would seem. continue reading…

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