I’m lucky, I was born in Sloviansk

By Ernst Raxarov
04.19.2014  5:16  Facebook status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=698633630176119&id=635416686497814

I now spend a lot of time talking with my friends and relatives from there. I want to share my gloomy mood with you.

This depressed city is in absolute chaos: schools are closed, transport is not running, shops are closed for fear of robbery, some are working, but they try to close before dark.

The barricades (in some places built with cranes) are around the City Council, the police department, near the SBU building, a very high building (judging by the news sites this is where they are holding hostages and those who have been arrested). There are not a lot of “little green men,” or “greens” to be seen. Several at the City Council buildings, in several city departments, some at the checkpoint on the bridges across the river Torec. They all look like professionals, they are not self-defence people. Although there are a few self-defence people helping out. There are also some suspicious looking long vehicles at the checkpoint, maybe they are moving the “greens” around?

THE LOCAL POLICE ARE PROTECTING THE “GREENS.” When asked the question by an old patriotic pensioner, “Comrade captain, whom are you serving?” the police captain keeps quiet and turns away.

Near the barricade at the city government offices they put out benches for pensioners and even treat them to ice-cream, in this way they lure their human shield.

The Sloviansk tv tower on Mount Karachun has been capture by “green men.” Don’t believe the news about the TV tower at Kramtorsk. There is only one TV tower in that area, as mentioned above, no one seems to have taken it, it has always belonged to the “greens.” Now there ARE ONLY RUSSIAN TV CHANNELS. All the same it is only a minority in the city who are pro-Russian, who are basically aggressive lumpen. But the Kyiv government, rightly or not, is certainly not in favour. People react especially badly to false statements from Kyiv politicians such as Sergey Sobolev about the “cunning maneuvre to disguise Ukrainian IVF’s [infantry fighting vehicles] with Russian flags.”

The frequent flights of Ukrainian aircraft over the city also make too many people nervous.

To summarize. Normal people are fed up with the chaos and fear that has been happening, and most sober-minded people have already gotten healthy and clear. Even some of those who last Sunday were running around the government offices rejoicing and welcoming “our liberators” have sobered up.

So there is a theoretical chance to free the city without losses. THERE IS NO USE IN USING THE MILITARY, vehicles, aircraft, etc. The army is the wrong tool. We need a professional police operation. Are there units in Ukraine that could do this?

It would not do any harm to find and collect the people with reputable authority in the city to call on the inhabitants to go to the central square and ask the “greens” to go somewhere else, as far as possible. We need A LOT MORE people, to outnumber the aggressive lumpen, then they will not be afraid.

There are many pensioners in Sloviansk, but many of them are patriots of Ukraine, despite the fact they lived most of their lives in the Soviet Union and speak Russian (i.e. local surzhyk, a mix of Ukrainian and Russian). Therefore, freeing the city must be calculated not only, and not so much, on the support of young people who are often infected with cynicism, but rather, unsurprisingly, on the senior citizens.

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