Putin’s blackmail of Ukraine regarding gas delivery carries a caveat

04.12.2014 Maidanua.org
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://maidanua.org/2014/04/shantazh-putinym-ukrajiny-schodo-postachannya-gazu-maje-podvijne-dno/  Image source: http://en.ria.ru/images/16346/89/163468919.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.01.49 PM

For many people, the following statement might seem false and defamatory, but don’t jump to conclusions and read this short text to the end.

Here’s the thesis: Russia doesn’t have gas in volumes Gazprom has already managed to sell. Moreover, Russia has no gas anymore, practically all gas on the Yamal [peninsula] has been extracted, sold, and the proceeds from it went into “Putin’s pockets.”

Another argument supporting this thesis, except for the widely known ultimatum to Ukraine about the $480 [per 1,000 cubic meters] price and the advance payment, is the dramatic decrease in quality of natural gas for the population in eastern Ukraine, at mininum. Chemical analysis of gas transported to the eastern oblasts [regions] of Ukrane during the past week, suggests that this is Uzbek gas [from Uzbekistan] which is clearly indicated by: a) trace elements, b) low calorie content, c) a significant amount of pollution. It is also important to note that gas prices are increasing even within the Russian Federation. In the autumn of 2013, an agreement regarding gas supplies was signed between Ukraine and Russia. In this agreement, unlike in previous agreements, an important parameter is missing, namely the [coefficient of] “heating value,” thus, Russia now has a perfectly legal right to supply air to Ukraine instead of gas…

… and it’s taking advantage of this opportunity! During the past 2-3 weeks, many households that installed gas meters have noticed that their usage of “blue fuel” has increased by at least twice on the same needs as before. They also noticed a significant change in the color of the gas flames and an unusual colored coating on pipes.

We have also known that for a long time Turkmenistan has been selling practically all of its all export gas to China. The Russian Federation does not have additional high-quality gas, and only has the Uzbek gas that is dirty and poor in quality. And in fact, this has been recorded in eastern Ukraine. Because the air-gas mixture made in Uzbekistan and Russia, is of bad quality and inhumane prices, it is being enriched in quality by inexpensive Ukrainian gas, of local extraction in central and western Ukraine.

Therefore, Ukraine must immediately find out what exactly it receives from Gazprom at the political price. And it should be [ultimately] done in eastern Ukraine. The very east that is currently being attacked by the “little green men.”

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    Russia doesn’t have gas in volumes Gazprom has already managed to sell. Moreover, Russia has no gas anymore…

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