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Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region), near the police station  Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region), near the police station

Today, on April 12 the Russian Federation, in fact, invaded continental Ukraine.
This was recognized by the Interior Minister of Ukraine, military experts and numerous witnesses of the latest events in Eastern Ukraine. National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was urgently convened.

“The Government of Ukraine is considering the facts of today as display external Russian aggression,” Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov wrote on his page. The reason for such a statement is that the weapons used by militants in Krasny Liman (Donetsk Oblast) special series of Kalashnikov guns with grenade launchers – is owned only by armed forces of Russian Federation. Some activists in Sloviansk (Donetsk Oblast) managed to capture the photo of a “green man” with weapon whose uniform looks just the same as we’ve seen in Crimea. In Sloviansk also the towers of mobile connection…

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