“Bravo” section of Information Resistance group: separatist/collaborationist movements in Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

"Information Resistance"

“Information Resistance”

NOTE: Complete data on the leaders of organizations are already in the possession of intelligence services.

Currently in the border regions of our state, representatives of individual structures of the Russian Federation have increased their activity in order to use Russian minorities to provoke autonomist and separatist sentiments, as well as creating conditions to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. One of the structures that creates these prerequisites is the all-Russian political youth organization: “Eurasian Youth Union” (ECM).

Among its active leaders are the following Russian citizens (list). The aforementioned Russian citizens, using the media and Internet, openly support the idea of ​​the need to separate the Southeasatern regions of Ukraine, followed by their accession to the Russian Federation. At the same time, they call for the formation of volunteer brigades from among the citizens of the Russian Federation for the support and protection of the Russian-speaking population from “armed gangs” operating on the territory of our state. Information materials of their announcements were broadcast and circulated on air on Russian TV channels, Internet media and through “Youtube.”

At the same time, in recent years, the aforementioned Russian citizens have been actively engaged, associated with the initiation of infringement of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine by the representatives of the “ECM” (data confirmed by numerous third-party sources). As activists, they spread calls for the recognition of the legality of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, and the necessity of further transition of the Southeastern regions of Ukraine under Russian jurisdiction, while actively promoting separatist appeals.

Separately, it should be noted that currently, the presence of the “ECM” figures has been recorded in Crimea, and in the Southeastern regions since the beginning of March of this year, as well as their efforts to inflame national enmity and hatred, humiliation of national honor and dignity of the citizens of Ukraine.


Coordination of separatist movements in Ukraine

In the course of our work, we received reliable data regarding the inspiration of specified manifestations directly from the territory of Crimea. It has been established that the organization of numerous separatist protests, coordination of the activity network of pro-Russian activists in the southeastern regions of our country, including its funding (which comes from Russia), are performed by the self-proclaimed Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, S. Aksenov and his inner circle.

We have also been able to establish the radical individuals who are organizing and coordinating the secessionist acts in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.

In particular, in the territory of Odesa region this activity is carried out by:

– the organization’s leadership of the political party “Russian unity” in Odesa (…); – one of the organizers of the so-called “Antimaidan” in Odesa (…).

In Kharkiv oblast [region]:

– one of the journalists, the head of a PR agency, chief editor of online publication (…); – one of the leaders of the organization that unites veterans of “Berkut” (…).

In Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts:

– one of the participants of the representative office of the NGO “International anti-terrorism unity” in the Luhansk oblast (…); – one of the leaders of the self-organizing unregistered PO [Public Organization] “Militia of Donbas” (…); – as well as individuals (…).

Organizations that fully engage in separatist activity, or representatives of which are in one or another way taking part in the current events:

Kharkiv oblast

Registered organizations:
– Kharkiv City PO [Public Organization] “Oplot [Stronghold].”
– Kharkiv City PO “For cultural and language equality.”
– Union of Soviet Officers.
– Kharkiv Rayon [District] PO “Liubotyn Cossack Sotnia [Squad].”
– Kharkiv Rayon PO “The Tersk Cossacks of Kharkiv.”
– Kharkiv Rayon PO “Chervonohrad Cossack Sotnia.”
– Kharkiv Rayon PO “Lozove Cossack Sotnia.”
– Kharkiv Rayon PO “Saltiv Cossack Sotnia.”
CPU [Communist Party of Ukraine].
– PSPU [Progressive Socialistic Party of Ukraine].

Unregistered organizations:
– “Velikaya Rus [Great Rus].”
– “Borba [Struggle].”
– “Narodnoye Yedinstvo [People’s Unity].”
– “Defenders of Kharkiv City.”
– “Ukrainian Eastern Block.”
– “Sut Vremeni [Essense of Time].”
– “Union of Citizens of Ukraine.”
– “Rus Triedinaya [Rus the Triune].”

Donetsk Oblast

Registered organizations:
– Donetsk City PO “Monolit.”
– Donetsk Oblast Youth PO “Union of Born by Revolution.”
– Donetsk Oblast PO “Russian Community.”
– Donetsk Oblast PO “Russian Union of Donbas [Donetsk Basin].”
– Donetsk Oblast Organization of the “Russkiy Block” [Russian Block] party.
– Donetsk Oblast PO “Rus of Donbas.”
– PO “Committee of Electors of Donbas.”
– Donetsk Oblast PO “Union of Citizens of Ukraine.”
– Donetsk City PO “Crew of Navy Veterans.”
– Union of Cossack Organizations of Ukraine.

Unregistered organizations:
– PO “Donetskaya Respublika [Donetsk Republic].”
– PO “Vostochnyy Front [Eastern Front].”
– PO “Narodnoye Opolcheniye Donbasa [Citizens-in-Arms of Donbas].”
– PO “Federatsiya Borey [Boreas Federation].”
– Khartsyzsk Kosh [Camp] of the Ukrainian Cossacks.
– Novo-Azovsk Stanitsa [Village] of the Don Cossacks.
– Donetsk PO “Vsevelikoye Voisko Donskoye [All-Great Army of Don].”

Luhansk Oblast

Registered organizations:
– All-Ukrainian PO “Moloda Gvardiya” [Youth Guard].
– PO “Luhansk Guard.”
– All-Ukrainian PO “Ukrainskiy Vybor [Ukrainian Choice].”
– Oblast National PO “Russkaya Obshchina [Russian Community].”
– Oblast Society “Russkoye Naslediye [Russian Legacy].”
– PO “Russian Union of Donbas in Luhansk Oblast.”
– PO “Luhansk Okrug [county] of the Don Cossacks.”

Unregistered organizations:
– Self-Defense of Luhansk.
– General Denikin Luhansk Volunteer Brigade.
– “The Great Army of Don” (registered in RF [Russian Federation]).
– “Union of Cossack Troops of Russian and the Abroad” (registered in RF).


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  1. cdcas says:

    Glory, Glory, Halleleujia! to get all best of American Protestant about it

    Amazing work. Keep the Light on “11” till Easter and then if Vovo Putlenshka wishes to be reasonable we should probably use our ICBM: peace and reconciliation. We are on the side of Angels but we must sincerely be as schrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves. The burden is on us – and here calls for Wisdom – to forgive seventy times seven. Vigilance – but let’s really hope and pray together now..

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