A pregnant volunteer mom moves about 1,000 servicemen out of Crimea

01.04.2014 Courier
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: http://courier.crimea.ua/news/courier/vlast/1147520.html 

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.25.16 PM
Alla Borysenko
, a volunteer from Crimea, told this story.

“It all started when our acquintances asked us to move them through Chonhar. We helped them out. After that, my phone number got shared from person to person,” says Alla.

According to Borysenko, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine does not offer assistance moving Ukrainian servicemen – just feeds them with promises.

“We receive phone calls not just from servicemen, but their parents who are asking for help with the move. We are trying to help everyone. Many people started sending us money. As soon as the money is transferred, we distribute it among the servicemen. We help all of them, but especially those who are left without a roof over their heads,” Alla explains.

It was Alla and her husband Serhiy who helped move solders from Yuliy Mamchur’s military base, as well as other Ukrainian servicemen, to mainland Ukraine. They also remember about the families of the servicemen – and move them out as well.

“We collect the money wherever we can. Once the needed sum is accumulated, we hire carriers. Sometimes, we move them with shuttle buses, and if there are personal belongings, we use commercial trucks.

We recently transported the soldiers of the “Honor Guard.” They need money for everything.

Besides, if humanitatian aid comes, we try to distribute everything promptly. On March 31, we received around 300 pairs of socks, which we distributed right away. Now, we are planning to transport moms with little kids, we are waiting for diapers and baby food,” noted the volunteer.

Currently, Alla and Serhiy work in Chonhar practically 24/7, and sleep about three hours a day.

By the way, Alla is pregnant. Although her pregnancy does not slow her down. One more important fact: she is carrying twins. Besides unborn twins, Alla and Serhiy have three more children – Oleh, Diana, and Valeria. “My son Oleh said:

Mama, we have someone to look after [us]. These children [soldiers] need you more here.

Now, Alla is hopeful that those who read this, including the officials at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, will remember Ukrainian soldiers who have not been evacuated to the mainland yet.

She said that the majority of soldiers require assistance. For example, their income cards are still being blocked. As such, they are unable to buy food.

Everyone who can provide any assistance in the transportation of Ukrainian servicemen from Crimea to mainland Ukraine are welcome to call the following number: +38 (098) 413-3950.

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