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Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, Commander of Ukraine’s 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade stationed near Sevastopol, came to the world’s attention in the beginning of March this year.

After the Russian special task troops offered an ultimatum to surrender, Colonel Mamchur ordered his officers into formation and headed the column towards the Russian checkpoint. It happened on March 4th. The brigade’s two banners, one Soviet the other Ukrainian, were waving behind Col Mamchur who led the column. None of the Ukrainian officers was armed. Col Mamchur had followed the order they had received from the new government in Kyiv to not offer resistance in order to avoid provocations. The Soviet relic was of special significance to Col Mamchur, as it was the banner the aviation brigade has kept since the time of the World War II. Nevertheless, the first shots were fired by Russian troopers. They were fired into the air…

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