Natsional-predateli or die Nationalverräter

Natsional-predateli or die Nationalverräter



by AK (The Dilettante’s Winterings)

Hearing Putin mention “national-traitors”, natsional-predateli, in his Crimea acceptance speech, I thought the word was a calque from some German term. Nationalverräter perhaps?

I’ve checked with the text and translation at and, not surprisingly, Hitler uses Nationalverräter in Mein Kampf:

But only a neo-bourgeois patriot is able to count on gratitude from murderous pyromaniacs [I would say “arsonists”], exploiters [“plunderers of the people”] and traitors of the nation [“national traitors”].

Aber gar auf Dankbarkeit revolutionärer Mordbrenner, Volksausplünderer und Nationalverräter zu rechnen, bringt nur ein neubürgerlicher Patriot fertig.

He also uses “traitors of the people” (Volksverräter) and “traitors of the country (Landesverräter).

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